Reasoning of Liberal Islam; A Study on Islamic Perspectives in Liberal Islam Network Jakarta

Yusak Farchan
Pengamat Politik Citra Institute

The renewal of Islam thinking indeed happened much earlier before the independence age. M. Thaib Umar (1874-1920), Muhammad Djamil Jambek (1860-1947), Abdullah Ahmad (1878-1933) and H. Agus Salim (1884-1954) were figures who had enlivened Islam thinking in the motherland. The awakening of Islam thinking in Indonesia, which was seeded by these figures had been tightened to Dutch’s colonialism and imperialism contexts in Indonesia.

From the middle to end of 19th century, Dutch’s colonialism had shown its dominance of its control in almost of archipelago. This led to hegemonies of social, economic, even political orders under infrastrucures and value of western colonialism. Later, this hegemonies triggered critics and resistance from many parties, such humanitarians, liberals, and missionaries.

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